Created for Intersystems IRIS/Caché Developers by IRIS/Caché Developers.

The ultimate server-based platform

Created for Caché Developers by Caché Developers.

Platform-independent technology

Seamlessly accessible for all browser-based applications.

A highly efficient approach

No need for time-consuming and expensive native app development.

Cost effective

Save up to 50% time and cost on all your web-based applications.


Our Highly Extensible Rapid AppLication Development Framework

The challenge

Organisations working with business applications running on InterSystems Caché are continuously trying to integrate mobile devices into existing business processes via native apps, without changing these processes.

Apps for mobile devices

Experience has shown that development of these native apps is complex, time-consuming and expensive, as it is necessary to source external web developer. A great deal of know-how in web-technology and -tools is needed for in-house Caché Developer Teams just to keep up to date with the fast progress of web technologies.

Our solution

webHERALD® a Highly Extensible Rapid Application Development framework, the ultimate serverbased platform, created for Caché Developers by Caché Developers. Enjoy the latest platform-independent technology for all browser-based applications, from desktop to smartphone, without the need for separate, time-consuming and expensive native app development.

How it works

webHERALD® is a developer framework that sits between your Caché server and the internet. The frameworks allows Caché developers to create adaptive web-applications for a wide range of devices without any know-how of specific web technologies. Caché developers are enabled to create impressive multi-device web applications, with only a hand full of COS-code lines.



Cost- and time-efficient

Save up to 50 % time and costs on all your web-based applications!

Platform independent

Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop-computer, the myCTS web client can be used on all devices with HTML5 compatible browsers. Adaptable designs allow all varieties of screen sizes to be featured.

State-of-the-art technology

myCTS web clients use the latest frameworks for the development of client-side components.


Security best practice plays an important role within the framework and its future development, which guards against hacker attacks. Additionally, the HTTPS standard offers encrypted and secure communication between browser and web-server.


There is no further installation of client software required. Simply standard software like PDF readers and Office like program packages are required for displaying and exporting content.components.


State-of-the-art designs and intuitive components allow for easy understanding and usability.


By using asynchronous server queries, complex queries will be displayed quicker and in parts, to allow the user to continue to work. During quieted mode, the user interface is always usable.

Rapid development

With only a minimum amount of lines of code, a wide range of applications can be rapidly developed for all major browsers and mobile devices.user interface is always usable.