Press Release – New CEO at software specialist myCTS

Armin Forstner takes over my Commercial Technology Solutions (myCTS) from his father Helmut Forstner. The mid-sized company develops bespoke software solutions for well-known companies.


Vienna/London – myCTS is one of the most renowned technology partners of the US database specialist InterSystems in Europe. The software company was founded in 2009 by IT expert Helmut Forstner, who has been working in the industry since the early 1980s. In the summer of 2022, he will withdraw from operational management and hand over the reins to his son Armin Forstner. Armin has lived in London since 2004 and successfully set up a consulting company there. The leading expert in ‘Positive Leadership’ now manages myCTS alone and focuses on the further development of the successful webHERALD technology.

In 2009, Helmut Forstner founded myCTS. The two-man operation soon developed into a medium-sized company with several employees and its own innovative product, webHERALD. “With webHERALD, we have launched an innovative framework that even large companies can use to bring their existing applications, based on InterSystems database technology, directly to their employees’ mobile devices. With this product and our stable customer base, myCTS is off to a good start in the next generation,” says Helmut Forstner. During the summer of 2022, he will hand over management to his son Armin Forstner, but will remain with the company as a consultant offering his institutional knowledge.

Leadership and organizational development expert Armin Forstner new Chief Executive Officer of myCTS.

While Helmut Forstner set up myCTS in Vienna, his son Armin Forstner went to London, where he made a name for himself in the financial media world and founded the award-winning consulting firm Serrano 99 Management Consulting. In Madrid, the Vienna Business University graduate completed his second master’s degree with a focus on “Positive Leadership & Strategy” at the renowned IE Business School.

“I am now bringing my many years of international experience and knowledge to myCTS. I’m excited to merge the topics of technology and positive leadership. It is precisely this combination that will enable us and our clients to adapt better to current and future challenges. Our successful product webHERALD plays a central role in this and will be further developed in the coming years in order for our clients and us to be even faster and more agile in application development,” says Armin Forstner. Helmut and Armin Forstner have worked side by side since last summer to make the handover a positive experience for everyone involved. The employees benefit from the strengths-oriented and human-centric management style of the new CEO. With his in-depth knowledge of organizational design and development, he is supporting myCTS customers.

 webHERALD – a bespoke and innovative software solution for organisations

“While working for our customers, we realized that many ERP software solutions are quite inflexible when it comes to embedding mobile devices. We developed a solution for precisely this problem. In 2018 we rolled out our web-based developer framework webHERALD with Europe’s second largest furniture retailer XXXLutz,” says Helmut Forstner. webHERALD is a server-based platform based on InterSystems data management technology that can be embedded in all applications from desktop to mobile without expensive app development. This makes webHERALD very agile.

“The software is installation-free, cost-effective, user-friendly, and secure. With webHERALD, an organisation retains an overview of the business processes. At the same time, it offers developers a positive coding experience,” emphasizes Armin Forstner. This successful product will be continuously developed in the coming years.


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